It’s not “if,” but “what” protection should be worn

Best Local licensed contractors - Blogger Zone - So what specific type of personal protective equipment should be worn? . . These risks are only magnified when considering that people who use pesticides without proper protection are likely to suffer from repeated exposure. Since 90% of chemical exposure occurs through the skin, it is very important to wear PPE’s when spraying pesticides ..More

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6 reasons why landscape fabric is a bad idea

Top 10 Best commercial contractors - Forum With Technicians - Personally, I discourage my clients from using landscape fabric. In order to truly be healthy, soil needs to be crumbly and loose.  Weeding is a nightmare. 2. Having also talked to lawn mowing companies in Alpharetta, Georgia, and landscaping companies in O'Fallon, Missouri, here are the reasons why:1. Landscape fabric is used by many gardeners to cut down on gardening maintenance tasks. This means it's very hard to remove the weeds. . It compacts the soil. I've noticed that soil underneath the landscape fabric does not stay crumbly and loose. Usually, removing the weed entirely means ripping the landscape fabric. Should you install the fabric if you haven't already? As a professional gardener, I've seen many gardens during my 14 year career. This is the type of soil where plants can spread their roots and grow without too much work. Rather, the soil becomes hard and compact. While the landscape fabric will reduce the number of weeds in your garden, it won't entirely get rid of them. The weeds that do manage to get through the fabric are usually horrible enmeshed with the fabric itself. This makes digging and planting very difficult ..More

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​Best Lawn Fertilization Companies in St Louis

21 Best commercial contractors - Blogs & Forums - Everyone envies the guy with the perfect lush green lawn in the neighborhood. . Is he or she some sort of green thumb magician that has the powers to turn any lawn into the a back nine green at Augusta? Probably not but they are certainly doing what it takes to keep their lawn green and healthy and making sure you are fertilizing is a big part of that maintenance ..More

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What is causing these brown patches in my yard?

Find commercial contractors - Pro Forums Faq Pages - On the other hand, there are plenty of homeowners that simply cut the grass because they don’t want a fine from the city. There are a number of causes of brown causes and we will examine those shortly. Either way, both homeowners are not immune to brown spots in their lawn. All lawns are not perfect. . One can do everything right and then suddenly there's a patch of grass that is dead or is dying. Some homeowners are fanatical about how their lawns look and will go above and beyond to make sure that the fertilization treatments are done on a perfect quarterly basis, are watered on a daily basis, and mowed every 5-7 days. ..More

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Mow Your Lawn to Fight Against the Zika Virus

Locate Nearby licensed contractors - Top 10 Home Services Blogs - This means that regular mowing is a must to effectively control the length of grass blades. The Aedes mosquito is mainly a container breeder, meaning it can reproduce in these small pools of water, so checking for standing water and lawn care is a must. Grass that isn't mowed can be filled with dangerous insects including Zika virus causing mosquitos. Tall grass and weeds are attractors and breeding grounds for infectious mosquitos, which has caused residents in states such as Texas and Florida to go on high alert.  If you're mowing the lawn in St. It can be spread between human beings and is especially a concern for pregnant women, as the virus is known to cause birth defects. The virus is found in 50 countries, but a recent influx of cases in South America and the southern United States has been cause for great concern. Breeding Grounds For MosquitosThere are several places in and around the yard that can be breeding grounds for mosquitos, including bird baths, clogged rain gutters, tree knot holes, potted plant saucers, open garbage cans, uncovered boats, neglected swimming pools, pet bowls and of course a neglected lawn. The virus causes many symptoms including, joint pain, mild fever, conjunctivitis and most notably, skin rash. Tall grass locks in moisture between the blades, which provides a conducive environment for mosquito breeding. . Additionally, neglected lawns can serve as resting spots for mosquitos and increase the chances of them breeding there. Even a small amount of water (capful) can cause a boom in a mosquito population. Neglecting your lawn can be more dangerous than you think. Zika is an infectious virus that stems from the bites of the Aedes or yellow fever mosquito. Petersburg or Tampa Florida you especially needs to be caution ..More

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