Why mowing your lawn could be killing you.

Directory listing of industrial contractors - Popular Forum Pages - . That’s because lawn mowers, weed-eaters, hedge clippers, and mulchers needed to maintain the lawn are some of the most dangerous devices in the American household. Lawn mowing poses hidden dangers; According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 80,000 people are taken to the ER every year due to lawn mower injuries. Additionally, flammable gas, harmful fumes, sharp blades moving at over 200 mph, and careless behavior are all determinates in these injuries. However, there may be an even more dangerous, unexpected, silent killer when performing this seemingly routine task. ..More

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Is Roundup too dangerous for personal lawn care use?

Locate Nearby professional contractors - Repair Tech Forums - Deformities also quadrupled during the past decade in Chaco, Argentina, where the herbicide is used eight to ten times more per acre than in the US. Birth defects-According to a study in Paraguay, women living within one kilometer of fields sprayed with glyphosate were twice as likely to bear children with birth defects. This happens due to Roundup/glyphosate disrupting Vitamin A signaling the pathway which is vital for normal fetal development. . ..More

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​Battery-Operated Lawn Tools

Directory listing of certified contractors - Repair Service blogspot - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - The environmental affects have not even been discussed! There are so many reasons to investigate a battery-operated lawn mower. Do you ever find yourself cutting the lawn into the dark of night? This mower has an LED headlight to light your way through those evening mowing sessions. Before you know it, you will be the envy of the neighborhood as you cordlessly mow and trim your way through your lawn. Considering the environmental effects, trouble, and time involved with other mowers that are subpar, it seems worth it to try out an EGO Power + Mower.   Even if you are in the UK, there are several electric mower options to consider. Among the benefits of this mower is the cost. The other good news? EGO makes a battery-operated hedge-trimmer, trimmer, and leaf blower. This is one mower that seems to be living up to its reputation and in a class of its own. There are lawn mowers that come with back up batteries so that one can charge while another is in use.   You may have heard complaints about battery life or the time needed to obtain a full charge. There are so many different options when it comes to battery-operated lawn mowers and weed whackers that these do not need to be concerns any longer. One lawn mower that is receiving positive reviews is the EGO Power + Mower. Smaller lawns like in Tampa Florida are a good fit for electric equipment, however the larger properties you would see in Atlanta Georgia, require different mowing equipment. EGO states that the battery lasts up to forty-five minutes, but some customers claim an even longer battery life! You might be thinking, “ There must be a catch! How long does it take for the battery to charge?” EGO claims that a full battery charge takes a mere thirty minutes to complete a charge.  . At under $600, this mower seems like the answer to every mowers dream. The other options when it comes to lawn tools are electric tools that have to plug in. Have you ever wondered what life might be like with a battery powered lawn tool? There are so many positives to owning and operating a battery powered lawn mower or weed whacker. This greatly limits your ability to move as well as the annoyance of a cord following your every move and potentially cause more of a headache by tripping you mid-mow. The fumes from a gas mower can be nauseating. . For many weed whackers this is the case as well. This mower boasts an uncanny ability to power through rough terrain, uneven ground, and the ability to run longer than its competitors ..More

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To mow, or not to mow

Find best 10 commercial contractors - Service Contractor Forum Pages - Putting the lawn mower away too early has its consequences as well. . If one starts mowing too early in the season, one can run the risk of compacting the grass or of killing new roots before they have a chance to mature and cultivate. Knowing when to start and to stop seasonal lawn can be critical to the long-term health of the grass. This can cause grass to grow in patches or to not fully turn green. . This reduces the amount of photosynthesis that can occur throughout the winter months and prevent the grass from getting the food needed for survival in the colder months. If the grass gets too tall in the fall and winter, blades will flop over and shade each other ..More

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Ever wonder.. what is that weed in my lawn?

List Of industrial contractors - Helpful Resources - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - Yarrow has small white flowers attached to stalks. Additionally, there are different types of weeds that grow in different areas of the country. . It can grow quite tall, and it definitely stands out against the background of your lawn. Horsetails grow everywhere but the southeast. It tends to be quite tall, with chutes coming out of the top. Instead of having small rounded leaves, the leaves are a bit larger. It has think stalks and long leaves. Unlike Quackgrass, it is fairly thin stalked with thin leaves. This plant flowers. However, it is more unsightly than Speedwell. Like moneywort, it can grow pretty low to the ground. However, a very small number of them have four leaves. German Knotweed is common in coastal areas of the Atlantic and the Pacific northwest. Traditionally, finding a four leafed clover is seen as an omen of good luck! In all of the United States except Florida, a weed called Yarrow grows. It tends to be rather stalky, and it has long and dark colored leaves. They are a nuisance, and they are typically quite unsightly. In addition to growing the puffballs, dandelion flowers can also be eaten. Most of these have three leaves. It grows rather tall, and it is quite stalky. In fact, speedwell is sometimes planted as an ornamental plant. Mallow grows everywhere except Florida. When conditions are right, this plant can become a tumbleweed. Sometimes, it can flower yellow flowers. Goosegrass is a grass. Quackgrass is also extremely common. These also have distinctive clover leaves. Additionally, yarrow is an additive to some liquors. No one wants to have any sort of weeds growing in their lawn. However, this is restricted to the east coast to the north of Virginia. Their stalks are also different from a lot of stalks. Japanese Clover grows only in the south. When conditions become dry, the small buds and the thin projections attached to them break off from the main part of the plant. Dallisgrass is common in the southern United States. This weed is rather unsightly, and it has many small buds on thin projections coming out of a stalk. However, it obviously appears distinctly different from the lawn itself. It also has a rather stalky structure. Speedwell is another weed that grows in many areas. It has dark, rounded leaves. However, the leaves have a different shape. However, the flowers do not have traditional petals. This grass looks just as the name suggests. However, there are actually different types of weeds. This grass is all over in the United States, except for Arizona and Florida. White Clover has white flower-like tops. Like Quackgrass, it is different from the grass in your lawn. In fact, it even grows as far north as the arctic! Moneywort is a common weed in all areas except the northern plains. They are very distinctive with the white puffballs that grow on the tops of them. It grows in all areas but the Pacific northwest. In the southeastern part of the United States, a plant called Virginia Buttonweed grows as a weed. This weed is quite common, but it stays low to the ground. Another common weed is witchgrass. They are quite stalky. It can also have other colored flowers, such as pink and red. This is a clover, but it is different from the traditional white clover. Like the name suggests, this weed has knotty looking leaves. Some are very unsightly, but others actually have flowers! A very common weed in most of the United States, except the deep south, is White Clover. It is a tall grass, and it has long chutes. The appearance of these weed is rather unsightly. It is actually used in herbal medicine. They also have somewhat jagged edges and are not round. Their petals are actually quite pointy looking and numerous, and they form a round formation at the top of the plant. These weeds all have very different characteristics.   . This plant has flowers that grow off of it, and it is typically not too unsightly. For this reason, it is sometimes not as easily noticed. The stalks have small black markings on them. Dandelions grow everywhere in the United States. It is a form of grass, but it is very different from what you want in your lawn. These projections then blow around ..More

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