​Top 10 Lawn Mower Repair Shops in Atlanta GA

Top 10 contractors - Repair Tech Blogs - com . . mowerdoc. Repairing your lawn mower with Mower Doc means you are utilizing the skills of the best personnel in the industry. You are also going to prevent problems and lengthen the life of this garden equipment. 100 Park 42 Drive, Suite A Locust Grove, GA www ..More

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Dont kill your trees, make sure you are mulching them the right way

Find certified contractors - Service Technician Forum Pages - When mulching your tree, imagine it as more than just something that helps spruce up your yard. Your yard is an ecosystem, and just like in the rest of the world, if you take something out of the ecosystem, like a tree; it can produce lasting consequences that can drop the value of your home in an instant. . Imagine it as something that could ruin the yard completely if not done right ..More

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Could I get sued by my lawn guy!?!?

Popular technicians - Forums For Dummies - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - The answer to that question is, “Yes!”—the homeowner could be held accountable for any injuries that have occurred on the property. . By doing this, a homeowner can jeopardize his/her property and possibly bring personal liability into a lawsuit. To prevent a disaster like this from happening, below are a few tips that a homeowner should keep in mind before hiring any home improvement professional. . Many homeowners may feel the need to save a few bucks and let the kid in the neighborhood mow the lawn or allow the guy that was recommended by a friend to clean the gutters ..More

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When is the best time of day to mow and not get stung by a bee?

Search and locate commercial contractors - Pro Blog Service Pages - This small act is responsible for 70% of the production of: fruits, vegetables and nuts we consume everyday! Not only do Bees pollinate our food bees pollinate cotton fields as well. An easy way to do this is to fill any potential areas bees may gravitate to. Once the bee lands on the plant, pollen attaches to their body then the bee will transport that pollen from the male part of the plant to the female part. No one likes a bee sting. Flowers are bright and fragrant in order to attract bees. Bees play a vital role for plants to reproduce. Without bees we can forget about having clothes, mattresses, towels and high end paper products. Bees play a crucial role on Earth. Here are a list of things you could do at home to prevent bee stings!One way to prevent stings all together is to Bee-proof your home.  Cutting the yard in Clarksville, Tennessee or mowing the grass in Johns Creek, Georgia, all homeowners face the possibility of being stung. Some places would include: tree cavities, holes in outside walls, rain spouts or meter boxes.  But the fact is we need to embrace bees. Its easy to put screens over these areas so bees will have no access into them. . Many believe if bees go extinct humanity will be next. Especially when it comes to a task many find tedious, mowing. So its safe to say even though their stings are unpleasant we need to learn of ways not to harm them and for them not to harm us ..More

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Help! I've let my lawn get too tall, what do I Do?

Directory Listing Of certified contractors - Ask And Expert - DIY Message Board - According to DR Power equipment, anything over 24 tall should be bush or brush hogged due to the thickness and the height of the grass. The main difference between your average mower and a bush or brush hog mower is that your normal mower cuts with a sharp blade and bush hog rather severs with an intentionally very dull wedge-like blade that is much thicker and stronger than your conventional mower blade. . . Also, the engines on your regular mowers are not as powerful as your bush hog mowers ..More

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