How to Make Sure Next Year's Bulbs Look Great

Top 10 technicians - Forum With Contractors - I hope this helps you out. happy planting. It's possible to have a healthy, green lawn. There are some Alliums that grow to the size of a volleyball. I am not kidding. Until next time my friend. COMMUNICATIONThis is one of the bigger ones. There are lots of lawn companies who offer a five percent discount for buying early. DISCOUNTS ARE GOODIf you are anything like my three neighbors, you love discounts. Do not make the same mistake. That trust didn't take her very far. OTHER THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND WITH YOUR BULB PLANTINGAlliums and Ornamental Onions are some of the best bulbs to plant in the fall. It's truly remarkable how big and bright come of these bulbs get. When hiring a landscaping company in Clearwater, Florida or hiring a lawn mowing company in Florissant, Missouri, they might know you, but they do not know you. If you buy it all on time, you get an extra five percent discount. Always tell them specifically what you are after. Always communicate your wants/needs to the company who takes care of your lawn and bulbs. . If you buy your bulbs by July the first, you get the savings. You can also have both; but, you have to keep an open dialogue. The biggest mistake my one neighbor made was leaving and not saying anything. This is a total savings of ten percent. My neighbors got better results after they saw this. I am always interested in how other members of the community are doing with their lawns and bulbs. Share your story with me. Please let me know how things go. It's also possible to have healthy, flourishing bulbs. She told me she trusted him. With these two bulbs, you will get your choice of color, flower size and height ..More

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To mow, or not to mow

Local professional contractors - Home Contractor Forums - Were last fall’s leaves picked up?—If the leaves were not picked up last fall and are still packed on the lawn in March, it’s time to mow. This can cause fungal problems and grass death, resulting in a patchy or a dead lawn in the spring. Making sure to drop the height of the mower to around 2. Leaves block sunlight and smother grass thus preventing needed moisture from evaporating on the lawn. . 5 inches or to the middle setting is recommended. ..More

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​Battery-Operated Lawn Tools

Locate industrial contractors - DIY Message Board - . The other good news? EGO makes a battery-operated hedge-trimmer, trimmer, and leaf blower. Smaller lawns like in Tampa Florida are a good fit for electric equipment, however the larger properties you would see in Atlanta Georgia, require different mowing equipment. For many weed whackers this is the case as well. This is one mower that seems to be living up to its reputation and in a class of its own. One lawn mower that is receiving positive reviews is the EGO Power + Mower.   You may have heard complaints about battery life or the time needed to obtain a full charge. At under $600, this mower seems like the answer to every mowers dream. Before you know it, you will be the envy of the neighborhood as you cordlessly mow and trim your way through your lawn.   Even if you are in the UK, there are several electric mower options to consider. Considering the environmental effects, trouble, and time involved with other mowers that are subpar, it seems worth it to try out an EGO Power + Mower. Among the benefits of this mower is the cost. Do you ever find yourself cutting the lawn into the dark of night? This mower has an LED headlight to light your way through those evening mowing sessions. This mower boasts an uncanny ability to power through rough terrain, uneven ground, and the ability to run longer than its competitors. The environmental affects have not even been discussed! There are so many reasons to investigate a battery-operated lawn mower.  . There are lawn mowers that come with back up batteries so that one can charge while another is in use. Have you ever wondered what life might be like with a battery powered lawn tool? There are so many positives to owning and operating a battery powered lawn mower or weed whacker. The fumes from a gas mower can be nauseating. The other options when it comes to lawn tools are electric tools that have to plug in. EGO states that the battery lasts up to forty-five minutes, but some customers claim an even longer battery life! You might be thinking, “ There must be a catch! How long does it take for the battery to charge?” EGO claims that a full battery charge takes a mere thirty minutes to complete a charge. There are so many different options when it comes to battery-operated lawn mowers and weed whackers that these do not need to be concerns any longer. This greatly limits your ability to move as well as the annoyance of a cord following your every move and potentially cause more of a headache by tripping you mid-mow ..More

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Is it unwise to use loans for home improvement?

Search and locate contractors - Pro Blog Service Pages - . . Additionally, if a homeowner defaults on this type of loan, he or she risks losing the home. Obtain Home Equity Loan—Home equity loans are the most popular when it comes to home improvement. Historically, home equity loans carry lower interest rates but with low interest rates come hefty closing costs and expensive application fees. Banks will only loan to homeowners who have equity established in the property and typically only allow loans up to 85% of that equity. This type of loan normally last around 15 years and is best utilized when one is considering a project larger than $50,000, For example, installing a pool or adding a bonus room ..More

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What are the proper steps for fertilizing my lawn?

Listings Of commercial contractors - Service Company Blogs - . While grass requires less sun than other plant life, it is important to prune back trees so some sun can reach shaded areas.  Because cooler air and less wind, lets water soak in better, you may want to look at the forecast and choose days with these type conditions to water the lawn. In order make sure that the lawn has enough water to penetrate the six inches of soil, and moisten the entire root system, do simple test. According to the University of Wisconsin’s The Learning Store, in order to maintain a healthy lawn it is important that the lawn receives about one inch of water per week. Once you know how long it takes for the water to penetrate six inches below ground that should be the mark time for water. Soils that have heavy clay deposits will require less of a saturation of water. For instance if you are doing lawn care in Atlanta Georgia you'll need to be carefull when the temps turn cooler in late fall. Soils heavy with clay should be watered once a week. Fertilizing can help to encourage healthy lawn growth. The degree in which a lawn slopes plays a part in the water schedule as well. While the ideal watering amount is one inch per week (as mentioned earlier), it is best to check the terrain for water absorption. It is not a good idea to over water the lawn because this can cause the roots to grow shallow, and once again encourage the growth of fungus. If the forecast has more rain coming, than it is safe not water the lawn unless the forecast is wrong, and the rain does not come. Early morning watering minimizes the effects of evaporation, and helps to nurture the lawn throughout the day. As an additional tip, shaded areas under trees may require more frequent fertilization. If so the earlier in the morning the grass is watered the better, all due to the fact you do not want water left on the lawn over night. Continue to do so every 15 minutes until the moisture has penetrated six inches deep into the lawn. Grass with a healthy root systems run around six inches deep. If Mother Nature gives the lawn ¼ inch of rain, and there is no more rain in the forecast for the week, than the lawn will need another ¾ of water applied manually. As well when surveying the landscape be aware of shaded areas of the lawn as they are protected from the sun and may not need as much water, especially on cool days. Each type of grass will call for particular fertilizing schedules. This is the time of day that most evaporation occurs, lessening the effects the water will have on the lawn. First water the lawn. Depending on the type of grass this could either be during the warm season or cold season. If at all possible avoid watering during the middle of the day. If the shaded areas are wanted, and pruning is not desired, then outdoor-rated florescent lighting fixtures are a viable option. The kind of spreader used will depend mostly on the area being fertilized. Lawns that slope tend to stay drier because the water runs off, the deeper the slope the more water runoff. There are different methods for fertilization. Cold season grasses are best served being fertilized once a year in the fall. Knowing how often to water the lawn (once again), means learning the terrain. To begin it is important to understand how much water your lawn will need. This can encourage the growth of fungus that needs moisture and darkness to grow. Landscape that have less organic matter and more sand will need a heavier saturation of water.  . Doing so at the proper time and in the proper way can increase the positive effects the fertilizer will have on the lawn. When fertilizing rotary spreaders, drop spreaders, and handheld spreaders are all used to distribute the fertilizer evenly over the lawn. Remember the old saying, “the grass may be greener on the neighbors lawn, but it is just as hard to mow”? Mowing grass in Clarksville, Tennessee or cutting lawns in Alpharetta, Georgia are standard practices every homeowner must perform but If you are the type of person who rather be mowing a lawn with full, lively, health green blades of grass, then you are going to need to know how to water your lawn properly in order to achieve your goal of having a beautiful landscape. However plants thrive when properly watered, just look at the neighbor with the “greener lawn” and I am sure you will see or hear the mower come out after a nice rain. Following are some tips to help with water the lawn. Warm season grasses are served best when fertilized in late spring and early summer. It is best to water the lawn during the early morning hours. It is also best to have a good knowledge of your landscape. Water is essential not only to plant life but all life. It is ideal to time fertilizing so that it coincide with the time period just before peak growing phases of the lawn. Then wait 15 minutes and check the lawn for depth of moisture. Because (as previously mentioned), sandy soils need more moisture, every three days should be sufficient ..More

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