The Ultimate Guide To Trimming Your own Bushes

Directory Of emergency contractors - Technician Forums - There’s no pull cord, choke, exhaust fumes or gas and oil to mess with. . Corded electric hedge trimmers are popular because they’re extremely easy to use, very quiet, and virtually maintenance free. Simply attach the trimmer to an extension cord and you’re ready to start cutting ..More

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​Top 10 Lawn Mower Repair Shops in Atlanta GA

Popular master contractors - Service Contractor Forums - Their price is very reasonable and their service fast and reliable. . Jc Enterprises . CR Lawn Mower Service is one of the best lawn mower repair service companies in Atlanta. 2258 Cascade Road Sw Atlanta, GA 30311 (404)7551108 3 ..More

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Children and lawn mowers do not mix

Best Local residential contractors - Service Forums & Faq Pages - . This means that even a small stick or child’s toy can become a deadly projectile. Pick up debris off lawn—Clearing debris is a must before mowing the lawn to ensure that anyone, especially children, are safe. The mower’s engine produces enough power to catapult objects at over 200 miles per hour out of the chute. . Get the debris picked up to avoid this potential situation ..More

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Ever wonder.. what is that weed in my lawn?

Popular nationwide residential contractors - Service, Upgrade Forums - However, this is restricted to the east coast to the north of Virginia. They are quite stalky. It can grow quite tall, and it definitely stands out against the background of your lawn. This grass looks just as the name suggests. Additionally, yarrow is an additive to some liquors. Like moneywort, it can grow pretty low to the ground. The appearance of these weed is rather unsightly. Mallow grows everywhere except Florida. Their petals are actually quite pointy looking and numerous, and they form a round formation at the top of the plant. When conditions become dry, the small buds and the thin projections attached to them break off from the main part of the plant. This grass is all over in the United States, except for Arizona and Florida. White Clover has white flower-like tops. Dallisgrass is common in the southern United States. Sometimes, it can flower yellow flowers. German Knotweed is common in coastal areas of the Atlantic and the Pacific northwest. Like the name suggests, this weed has knotty looking leaves. In fact, speedwell is sometimes planted as an ornamental plant. In the southeastern part of the United States, a plant called Virginia Buttonweed grows as a weed. They also have somewhat jagged edges and are not round. These weeds all have very different characteristics. It grows rather tall, and it is quite stalky. It is a tall grass, and it has long chutes. Instead of having small rounded leaves, the leaves are a bit larger. However, there are actually different types of weeds. No one wants to have any sort of weeds growing in their lawn. They are a nuisance, and they are typically quite unsightly. This weed is rather unsightly, and it has many small buds on thin projections coming out of a stalk. It is actually used in herbal medicine. It has think stalks and long leaves. For this reason, it is sometimes not as easily noticed. Traditionally, finding a four leafed clover is seen as an omen of good luck! In all of the United States except Florida, a weed called Yarrow grows. It grows in all areas but the Pacific northwest. Yarrow has small white flowers attached to stalks. Another common weed is witchgrass. It also has a rather stalky structure.   . Goosegrass is a grass. Speedwell is another weed that grows in many areas. These projections then blow around. It has dark, rounded leaves. . Some are very unsightly, but others actually have flowers! A very common weed in most of the United States, except the deep south, is White Clover. This plant flowers. Their stalks are also different from a lot of stalks. In addition to growing the puffballs, dandelion flowers can also be eaten. This weed is quite common, but it stays low to the ground. It can also have other colored flowers, such as pink and red. However, it is more unsightly than Speedwell. It is a form of grass, but it is very different from what you want in your lawn. These also have distinctive clover leaves. Additionally, there are different types of weeds that grow in different areas of the country. Japanese Clover grows only in the south. Unlike Quackgrass, it is fairly thin stalked with thin leaves. Most of these have three leaves. This plant has flowers that grow off of it, and it is typically not too unsightly. This is a clover, but it is different from the traditional white clover. Like Quackgrass, it is different from the grass in your lawn. They are very distinctive with the white puffballs that grow on the tops of them. The stalks have small black markings on them. Quackgrass is also extremely common. However, the leaves have a different shape. However, the flowers do not have traditional petals. Dandelions grow everywhere in the United States. However, a very small number of them have four leaves. It tends to be quite tall, with chutes coming out of the top. Horsetails grow everywhere but the southeast. However, it obviously appears distinctly different from the lawn itself. It tends to be rather stalky, and it has long and dark colored leaves. In fact, it even grows as far north as the arctic! Moneywort is a common weed in all areas except the northern plains. When conditions are right, this plant can become a tumbleweed ..More

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What are the proper steps for fertilizing my lawn?

List Of professional contractors - Ask And Expert - DIY Help Center - Grass with a healthy root systems run around six inches deep. Because (as previously mentioned), sandy soils need more moisture, every three days should be sufficient. Early morning watering minimizes the effects of evaporation, and helps to nurture the lawn throughout the day. The kind of spreader used will depend mostly on the area being fertilized. When fertilizing rotary spreaders, drop spreaders, and handheld spreaders are all used to distribute the fertilizer evenly over the lawn. It is also best to have a good knowledge of your landscape. If so the earlier in the morning the grass is watered the better, all due to the fact you do not want water left on the lawn over night. Each type of grass will call for particular fertilizing schedules. If Mother Nature gives the lawn ¼ inch of rain, and there is no more rain in the forecast for the week, than the lawn will need another ¾ of water applied manually. There are different methods for fertilization.  . First water the lawn. Continue to do so every 15 minutes until the moisture has penetrated six inches deep into the lawn. If the shaded areas are wanted, and pruning is not desired, then outdoor-rated florescent lighting fixtures are a viable option. To begin it is important to understand how much water your lawn will need. While grass requires less sun than other plant life, it is important to prune back trees so some sun can reach shaded areas. Water is essential not only to plant life but all life. Remember the old saying, “the grass may be greener on the neighbors lawn, but it is just as hard to mow”? Mowing grass in Clarksville, Tennessee or cutting lawns in Alpharetta, Georgia are standard practices every homeowner must perform but If you are the type of person who rather be mowing a lawn with full, lively, health green blades of grass, then you are going to need to know how to water your lawn properly in order to achieve your goal of having a beautiful landscape. Following are some tips to help with water the lawn. For instance if you are doing lawn care in Atlanta Georgia you'll need to be carefull when the temps turn cooler in late fall. This is the time of day that most evaporation occurs, lessening the effects the water will have on the lawn. Warm season grasses are served best when fertilized in late spring and early summer. Lawns that slope tend to stay drier because the water runs off, the deeper the slope the more water runoff. It is best to water the lawn during the early morning hours. As well when surveying the landscape be aware of shaded areas of the lawn as they are protected from the sun and may not need as much water, especially on cool days. While the ideal watering amount is one inch per week (as mentioned earlier), it is best to check the terrain for water absorption. This can encourage the growth of fungus that needs moisture and darkness to grow. Cold season grasses are best served being fertilized once a year in the fall. . According to the University of Wisconsin’s The Learning Store, in order to maintain a healthy lawn it is important that the lawn receives about one inch of water per week. Once you know how long it takes for the water to penetrate six inches below ground that should be the mark time for water. Depending on the type of grass this could either be during the warm season or cold season. If at all possible avoid watering during the middle of the day. It is not a good idea to over water the lawn because this can cause the roots to grow shallow, and once again encourage the growth of fungus. Fertilizing can help to encourage healthy lawn growth. Landscape that have less organic matter and more sand will need a heavier saturation of water. However plants thrive when properly watered, just look at the neighbor with the “greener lawn” and I am sure you will see or hear the mower come out after a nice rain. Soils that have heavy clay deposits will require less of a saturation of water. In order make sure that the lawn has enough water to penetrate the six inches of soil, and moisten the entire root system, do simple test. Soils heavy with clay should be watered once a week. As an additional tip, shaded areas under trees may require more frequent fertilization. If the forecast has more rain coming, than it is safe not water the lawn unless the forecast is wrong, and the rain does not come. The degree in which a lawn slopes plays a part in the water schedule as well. Doing so at the proper time and in the proper way can increase the positive effects the fertilizer will have on the lawn. Then wait 15 minutes and check the lawn for depth of moisture. Knowing how often to water the lawn (once again), means learning the terrain. It is ideal to time fertilizing so that it coincide with the time period just before peak growing phases of the lawn.  Because cooler air and less wind, lets water soak in better, you may want to look at the forecast and choose days with these type conditions to water the lawn ..More

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